Posted on 03.26.11

Redbull Thre3style

Redbull Thre3style

Supermarket VJ’s to rock the visuals at Redbull Thre3style Adelaide!

Posted on 09.01.11

The hotline rang this afternoon. Mr Beats took the call. It was Redbull. They needed heat. They needed... Supermarket. The mission briefing was simple: rock three screens of visuals at Redbull's uber-produced Thre3style DJ Battle. For contestants in the audio arena, the rules of engagement are simple. Local Adelaide DJs work the angles with 15 minute sets each, during which they must segue between at least three genres of beats. Meanwhile, in the control room, Supermarket will be pulling levers and turning knobs, making sure that the DJs dexterity is delivered to you in full force over three massive screens. Of course, there's more to it than that, with room for improvisation and plenty of good vibes and party visuals to grace your eyes and tickle your mind along the way. Doors open at 9 and the show runs til late... oh, oh, oh and did I mention that there's a special touring headline artist closing out the party? Damn straight a/v freaks... none other than Brisbane's own DJ Sampology will be mashing up his mad array of broken beats and movie treats after the judges have made their decision! If you're hot for this special night of hyperactive homespun and a/v talent, bite into Apple Bar tomorrow night. Go on... it's good for you. [watch video]

Beatburger Bites Back show reviews & photo galleries

Posted on 03.12.11

Our Adelaide Fringe show Beatburger Bites Back is wrapped for 2011, and its time for us to beam out appreciation to all of our friends, fans, sponsors, fellow artists and volunteers who helped make the two late night electro-visual shows happen. If you missed the shows (man alive, there was a lot happening on those two Saturday nights) the good news is, you can read about it, check out photo galleries from both nights, and will be able to watch live recordings of performances from each artist in a special playlist we will be launching and posting here next week. In the mean time, here are the links to reviews and galleries for you to reminisce over, or curse yourself for missing the experience. - Feb.26 show photos by Aaron Schintler - Feb. 26 show review by Emmica Schlobohm

AdelaideArtBeat - Feb. 26 show review by Noriko Wynn - March 5 show photos by Tiffany Berbec [watch video]

d33p h33t bring depth and party to Beatburger Bites Back, March 5

Posted on 03.02.11

We stumbled upon local SA hip hop crew d33p h33t a couple of months back online, and were smacked down by their sound. Plushly produced, layered and evocative, d33p h33t delivered what their name suggested from square one. Comprised of DJ Appsii and MC Jack Vaulhartz, these two gentlemen of Adelaide hip hop have some finely honed skills in production and performance and love a flame grilled kangaroo steak for the right occasion. After we booked them to play at Beatburger Bites Back, VJ Buttons and I spent a night in d33p h33t's secret lair, talking music, philosophy and creativity before capping it off (track reference intended) with the production of this video interview. d33p h33t recently supported touring artist Lorn at Arcade Lane, and the crew are pumped for their March 5 set. d33p h33t is poised to open Beatburger Bites Back on March 5, throwing down 30 minutes of their original and diverse beats and rhymes and getting the audio-visual party started. Supermarket will be mixing visuals during their set, before disco-punk showman Tomas Ford takes the mic and lets loose. Tickets are $15 on the door. Don't stay in. [watch video]

WA’s decorated disco-punk showman Tomas Ford hits Beatburger Bites Back on March 5th

Posted on 03.01.11

Tomas Ford is truly a one-of-a-kind performer. We like to think of him as David Bowie on acid for the rave generation, but there are dashes of disco camp and aggro-punk mania which spin him out into an orbit even more entirely his own. Supermarket first hooked up with Tomas in 2009, after his manager contacted us about playing a show with him at the Crown & Anchor in Adelaide. From there, our musical paths crossed again at Perth's inaugural Kinetic Carnival- a festival dedicated to the celebration of underground screen culture. Supermarket was there performing our audio-visual remix of classic silent film 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari' while Tomas Ford was simply there to shake up the room with his highly interactive brand of electro cabaret. Tomas is currently back in Adelaide for his own solo (and quite theatrical) Adelaide Fringe show 'Gentleman & Disconcerter' which starts tonight and runs until March 5. After bathing in the adulation showered upon him by his beloved fans at Sugar Nightclub, Tomas will be legging it to the Tivoli after his final show, where he will perform between local hip hop crew d33p h33t and us at Beatburger Bites Back. Rumour has it, Tomas Ford may also be performing live vocals on a Supermarket remix of his track 'Nice' which will premiere on Saturday. To hear more from Tomas himself, be sure to check out his video interview.. and don't miss Beatburger Bites Back this Saturday night at 11pm! [watch video]

PhaseLockLoop plays debut live set at Beatburger Bites Back, February 26

Posted on 02.22.11

I first met Pete Kolomitsev back in the late 90's, playing late night gigs at Rhino Room in the club's early days. At the time, Pete was playing keys in a tight 4-piece live electronic act called Supaphatass. Their sound was deep and funky, dripping with juicy keys, samples and synths, and complete with drummer and electric bassist. This was an early introduction to underground electronic music for me, and when I look back on it, Supaphatass left a lasting impression and most certainly helped shape the course of my musical future and eventual emergence of Supermarket some eight years later. Naturally, I was thrilled when Pete accepted a slot at Beatburger Bites Back. Pete's a sonic explorer, so he's not one to be pegged as a genre specific producer. When asked what we can expect from his Beatburger set, he described his range as spanning from sublime daydreams to dancefloor bangers, and his sample tracks on his reverbnation page back that call up. Supermarket will be mixing video live during PhaseLockLoop's 30 minute set, which should tickle lovers of house, tech and electronic music in general. Come hear what's cooking in Pete's kitchen on Saturday, February 26! [watch video]

Spielkinder brings live minimal techno to Beatburger Bites Back on February 26

Posted on 02.19.11

One of the exciting additions to Beatburger Bites Back (the sequel to our 2010 Adelaide Fringe show, Beatburger) is a live performance by German minimal techno producer, Ulrich Eck (Spielkinder). Supermarket met Ulrich late in 2010, at a tedX event in Adelaide. Ulrich and his coworker Christian Sandor were presenting a talk on the intriguing topic of augmented reality (creating fusions of real and virtual world experiences), and demonstrating some cutting edge developments in the field. During lunch break, I struck up a conversation with Ulrich, who it turned out, also shared a passion for beats, parties and live performance. Hailing from Munich, Ulrich is half of Spielkinder, a duo formed in 2006, and has been involved with underground parties and dance music for many years, including designing and creating an elaborate mobile party truck for the famous Berlin Love Parade. Those who attended Beatburger in 2010 will have noticed an annual scaling up of the show in performing acts, audience size and production value. Something that you may not know however, is that we have grander plans to bring a variety of new and emerging technologies into our future events, and the extra-curricular tech skills of Ulrich will not be laid to waste! Ulrich's passion for AR is what brought him to Adelaide, but we'll make sure his musical talents are enjoyed to the full during his live set on February 26th. Spielkinder plays a twenty minute set following PhaseLockLoop, featuring audio-reactive video samples mixed by Supermarket. [watch video]

Beatburger Bites Back presents PhaseLockLoop and Spielkinder on Feb 26

Posted on 02.10.11

Well, the cat is out of the bag ladies and gents- Supermarket's Adelaide Fringe audio-visual live electronic music smorgasbord 'Beatburger Bites Back' has announced its support acts for the February 26th show! With doors opening at 11pm, first up will be Adelaide's Pete Kolomitsev (former member of Supaphatass & Replicas) playing live as PhaseLockLoop. Pete will demonstrate his range from ambient to house and tech flavoured dancefloor beats, making way for Munich ex-pat Spielkinder (Ulrich Eck) to heat up the room with his authentic, original German minimal techno with maximum live tweakage. At midnight, Supermarket will follow on from Spielkinder, skating over our full range of beats and visual styles from dub through to liquid dnb. Tickets are available from FringeTIX's website, from FringeTIX outlets in Adelaide, and at the door on the night. Check out PhaseLockLoop's little teaser video here, and get your patties ready to party on February 26th! [watch video]

Adelaide Fringe: Beatburger Bites Back tickets now on sale!

Posted on 01.08.11

Are you up for a hot late night cocktail of beat-driven audio-visual bliss this Adelaide Fringe? Good news from the kitchen, folks... tickets for our tastiest show yet, BEATBURGER BITES BACK, are now on sale! The venue is the smashingly refurbished Tivoli Hotel's plush dining room, and we'll be projecting visuals over three massive screens in the acoustically sweet space. For those of you who attended the original BEATBURGER in 2010, you'll remember the cavernous sounds of the derelict Regent One cinema... this venue is going to take the show to a whole 'nother level in both production and viewer comfort. Now click on over to FringeTIX and snap up your tickets, while you reminise over the original BEATBURGER video above! Support acts are yet to be announced, though we can say that the two shows will be different enough to warrant a ticket to both February 26th and March 5th shows. Have I said too much? [watch video]

Adelaide Fringe show ‘Beatburger Bites Back’ seeks support acts

Posted on 10.27.10

After gleaning two Adelaide Fringe Award nominations in 2010 (including Best Music Event) the celebration of underground beats and visuals 'Beatburger' returns with a title fit for a sequel: 'Beatburger Bites Back!' Promising another high-fidelity mind-expanding experience splashed over a stage and three massive video screens, we're calling for Adelaide DJs, VJs, beatsmiths and crews to send us links to your work so we can assemble the ultimate BBB lineup. The show will be taking place on two Saturday nights during Fringe in the stunningly refurbished Hotel Tivoli's main room. If you have talents in producing and or mixing visuals, beats and rock a passion for live underground electronic music, Beatburger wants your buns. Add your website link in a comment to this post, and we'll taste-test your sauce and be in touch! This opportunity is first in best dressed so don't hold back with your demo material! [watch video]

Supermarket designs poster art for Pickled Beats appearance, October 2

Posted on 09.22.10

When Mr Nice, DJ Lickweed and Zanda from the Pickled Beats crew offered us a guest DJ/VJ slot on their October 2nd party bill, we could couldn't simply say 'yes please' and leave it there! Instead, Mr Beats got busy with his icon editor and photoshop, and knocked out this cute retro poster design, partly inspired by stacking games like Dr Mario. From all reports, Pickled Beats is a fantastic regular monthly night of audio-visual entertainment, and we can't wait to haul our hatchback over, loaded with live instruments and positive vibrations. Remember: both our Magical Mystery Tour artist show and Pickled Beats guest appearance are happening on October 2nd at Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne... don't be late and miss the artist set at 7pm! [watch video]